Marie-France Cadiou

My approach

To start a canvas is to undertake a construction where the pieces come together in a disorderly manner.
Then, like a jigsaw, ideas assemble: materials, forms and colours.
I organise my space, a scale model of the world, and work flows with the colour. The tool (brush?) sustains the gesture. Colours form layers, thick and thin, opaque or transparent. 
The material hides the first layers, because we are much more than what we appear to be. What is buried is more significant than what is on the surface. In my paintings, oblong and circular forms take precedence. Symbols of softness and motion, they draw organic shapes - animal and vegetable -(pods, seeds, glands, matrices, cells, fruit....), which transmit life, movement and change.
I aim to make colours vibrate by their association, contrasts and lights, to inhabit the surface to the limits of balance. Observing, I listen and adjust, myself and the world interacting together.

The painting of Mark Rothko, his sense for spaciality and colour; the free and sensitive expression, hymn to nature of CY Twombly, Miquel Barcelo’s painting, especially his very personal art for positioning tomatoes.

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